Are you feeling overwhelmed trying to “Do it all?”

  • Tired of being under-appreciated by clients who want it now and don’t understand the value of a real interior design professional?
  • Wondering what to charge or the best method for charging?
  • Think your clients are out of control and want to know how to better manage their expectations?

You are not alone...I felt this way, too.

That's why I created the

Elevate Inner Circle!

Finally a resource that EVERY designer can use - regardless if they have been in business for 2 years or 20 years.


Practical strategies and tactics that we all need to grow!

Since you have already shown me that you’ve got what it takes, I want to personally invite you to my Elevate Inner Circle Mastermind Program!


This is not for everyone, in fact, if you are happy with where your business is currently at and are not looking to grow, then this program is NOT for you.


I only want the best of the best in this group, because we are going to finally get you moving forward on all those amazing goals you have!




Have you been looking for some help to take your business to the next level but just do not know where to start?


Then I have developed this program for YOU.  Imagine what it would be like to have someone help you master key areas in your business for the most profit!




Not sure if this program is right for you? 

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with Pam

Some of the Topics we will tackle

All of our topics, experts and resources are to help YOU as a designer build the business that you WANT and

not the one you have.

  • Where to find your

    all-star clients.


  • How to close the sale - every time.


  • How to Effectively Manage Your Time for the Most Profit

  • How to Get Published - For Free

  • How to Follow Up with Your Contacts Without Being a Pest

  • Head Trash - How to Get Out of Your Own Way & Finally Move Forward

  • How to No Longer Be 'The Best Kept Secret' in Your Market

  • How to Create a Disney Like Experience for Your Customer

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