So, they take ALL the projects that come their way.

Even the Nightmare clients. And the price shoppers. Or the low margin furniture sales.  

It's time to have:

​Better clients * More Profitable Projects * The life you deserve!


You will focus on the most magnetic techniques to attract your best clients

You will create the life & business you want (not the one you have)

You will have the exact tools to implement this (with NO TECH!)

  • The phone just isn't ringing enough.
  • The prospects that do call have no idea how a Professional Designer works.
  • You're just one of several designers they are interviewing. 

I totally get it, that happened to me so many times in my design business.


I would get a call from a client and rush out to meet them at their home. Then, I would provide a design proposal......and wait......for an answer.....either way. 


Sometimes, I would get the job and realize after the fact, that the client had wildly different expectations as to the amount of time and effort I would be putting into the project. 


I finally got wise. 

In 2010, I'd had enough so...


Here's what others have said about the

In Demand Designer Course


Interior Designer

After 16 years in the business, I decided to go out on my own. I knew the basics, but also needed guidance. I decided to invest in myself. The In Demand Designer program was incredible! I've learned what's important to both me AND my work. Pam has incredibly insightful ways to incorporate her lessons into your business. This program has so much to offer!


Interior Designer

Pam's process helped me find a focus for my business. After honing in on my ideal goals, project & client, she provided step-by-step instructions to help me reach my target clients. I now have a way to sustain my day-to-day business which will allow me to grow!


Interior Designer

The In Demand Designer course was well worth the investment! The examples Pam gives in each of the modules really help solidify the information so it's easy to understand. The Client Audition was an incredible tool that I will be using in my business right away!

If you want to be seen as the Go-To designer in your area with amazing clients, you need to start getting specific.  What do you want your business to look like? Who do you want to work with? How are you THE expert, providing a service no one else in your area can do? 


Are you ready to dig in and stop just throwing up pretty pictures and talking about tile? Because it's creating the monster you're hoping won't come your way - the client that just wants you there to get the best price.  It's time to step into your Zone of Genius and show why hiring a designer is important and how you are going to get them to a place they've never imagined. 

You're Ready for the

In Demand Designer Program

In Demand Designer is made to help you:


You can't be everything to everyone and you've learned it's not all that it's cracked up to be anyway. Focus on what you are good at, what is most profitable, and marry that with who you want to work with.



The Modules

These will help you quickly discover what you should be doing every step of the way to start attracting amazing clients and projects!

Module 1:

All About You

Here you craft what your Dream Business looks like. You combine how you want to work, services you want to offer, with what's most profitable. 

Module 2:

Your Message

You dig into who is your Perfect Future client & what makes them tick. Everything you talk about is directed at this person. 


Module 5: Leveraging Referrals

Work smarter, not harder. A few great referral sources can put you in front of high quality opportunities. Get the tools to develop those key relationships for amazing future projects!

Module 3:

Right Place

You can't get the right clients unless you're where they are at. Be only where you need to be for the best opportunities.


Module 6: Client Audition

By the end, you will 

not only feel confident in what you offer and who your idea client is but you will also completely change how your business grows. You will attract amazing projects, feel more fulfilled, and bring back the spark you once had about design!

Included you will receive: 

  • Pre-recorded Modules in the Private Members Area

    The classes are already uploaded in the Private Members Area. Each module includes the video, Powerpoint presentation, worksheets and scripts, all of which can be downloaded.

  • Private FB Group

    Here you can ask questions, bounce ideas around and have a community of other designers who are also working through the material. 

  • Access to the Material for Life

    Even as I update the material, you will have access to it for life. 

Your Investment Today



In Demand Designer

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